New Resource To Stop Anti-LGBTQ Comments in the Classroom

By Charles Girard, Welcoming Schools Project Coordinator, May 22, 2015

This guide, created in collaboration with the National Education Association, helps educators to be proactive and provides tips on how to respond in the moment.

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5th Graders Create Play About Transgender Teenager

By Charles Girard, Welcoming Schools Project Coordinator, May 14, 2015

Students at Malcolm X Elementary School in Berkeley, California created and performed a play based upon Jazz Jenning's autobiographical picture book, I Am Jazz.

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Powerful New Film Shows Hurt and Hope in the Lives of a Diverse Group of LGBTQ Teens

By Welcoming Schools Staff, May 12, 2015

Ellen Brodsky, the director of two HRC Welcoming Schools films, has a new film about an LGBTQ theater troupe.

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Watch This 7-Year-Old Share Her Inspirational Story About Being Transgender

By Kathy Pillsbury, May 11, 2015

Seven-year-old Avery “AJ” Jackson likes being a ninja and dressing up like animals; she also happens to be transgender. “I’m proud of who I am because I am transgender and I’m a girl. And, I’m just a normal girl. Your average, everyday, normal, transgender girl!”

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CNN Features HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools to Help Stop Bullying

By Kathy Pillsbury, May 08, 2015

CNN highlighted Welcoming Schools featuring new research that shows the effects of bullying on mental health.

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Diverse Families: Two Great New Books Coming Out in May!

By Kathy Pillsbury, May 05, 2015

With Mother’s and Father’s Days coming up, the importance of family and parents are on many people’s minds. "One Family" celebrates the range of diverse families in our communities. "Stella Brings the Family" shows how one girl solved her dilemma of Mother’s Day with two dads.

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Welcoming Schools News: Ideas For Inclusive Mother’s and Father’s Days

By Welcoming Schools News, May 01, 2015

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day around the corner, many educators are preparing activities to help their students to honor their moms and/or dads. But, with the diversity of families, these holidays can cause some students discomfort, confusion, or anxiety.

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Kumu Hina and A Place in the Middle: New Inspiring Films Explore Gender in Hawaiian Culture

By Beth Sherouse, Ph.D., May 01, 2015

“'A Place In the Middle' shows one culturally specific story with the universal message of acceptance.It’s an amazing tool to help educators understand the need for acceptance for each and every child regardless of gender expression.”

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Inclusive Classroom Ideas as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Approach

By Kathy Pillsbury, April 26, 2015

Looking for an inclusive way to talk about families as the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day holidays approach?

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NBC Nightly News Special on Transgender Children Plus Resources for Educators & Families

By Kathy Pillsbury, April 24, 2015

Recently, Kate Snow of NBC News talked with two families on their journey with their transgender children. Find resources here for elementary schools and families.

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