So Many Anti-Bullying Programs – How’s a School to Decide?

By Welcoming Schools Staff, October 07, 2014

Large school districts get multiple inquiries weekly from people wanting them to adopt their anti-bullying approach. Some offer their services for free; others charge enough to pay for a new gymnasium. Want some help deciding?

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CNN Article: 6 Ways to Embrace Gender Differences at School

By Guest Contributor, October 05, 2014

"The work that we do is not to make schools safer just for transgender students, but to make schools safe for everyone regardless of where they fall on the gender spectrum," said Kim Westheimer, director of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation Family Project's Welcoming Schools initiative.

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Free Welcoming Schools Film Streaming for Bullying Prevention Month

By Kim Westheimer, October 01, 2014

“You’re Gay.” “Your skin is too brown.” “Your religion is fake.” “Fatty.” In a short film, streaming free for Bullying Prevention Month, check out how skilled teachers use Welcoming Schools lessons to stop hurtful language and create respectful schools.

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Nancy Garden on My Mind:  A Tribute for Banned Book Week

By Kim Westheimer, September 23, 2014

Author, Nancy Garden’s life’s work is a testament to her determination expressed by the main character of Annie on My Mind: “Don't punish yourselves for people's ignorant reactions to what we all are. Don't let ignorance win. Let love.” Celebrate Banned Books this week -- September 21 - 27!

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What a Welcoming School Feels Like

By Guest Contributor, September 22, 2014

"What does it mean when others advocate for your children? You feel deeply grateful, and lucky. You feel like you belong to a community, like yours are not the only arms around your child -- you do not have to be on guard and on duty every minute."

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What Do You Say to “That’s So Gay”?

By Beth Sherouse, Ph.D., September 09, 2014

Erin Smith is an elementary school science teacher in a small southern city. She is also gay. And more than once she’s heard a student tell another that something is “so gay.” It’s never a compliment....“I think all educators should prepare themselves for tricky situations,” says Erin.

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I Am Jazz: New Children’s Book Raising Awareness of Transgender Children Released TODAY!

By Beth Sherouse, Ph.D., September 04, 2014

Once again, Jazz Jennings is helping people understand what it means to be transgender in her new childrens book, I Am Jazz. As she says,"I think what matters most is what a person is like inside. And inside, I am happy. I am having fun. I am proud! I am Jazz!”

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Teaching Love

By Kim Westheimer, August 29, 2014

First students looked at her with disbelief. After a few weeks they began to see that she meant what she said.

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A Back to School Message from Youth: Listen to us!

By Johanna Eager, August 29, 2014

How can educators better listen to students who step outside of gender-related expectations?

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Engaging Children in Conversations about Gender Identity, Race and Justice

By Guest Contributor, August 27, 2014

"We need to tap into the goodness and sense of justice that children bring into the world with them, and give them tools for maintaining those gifts as they encounter people and experiences that are different from their own."

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