In elementary school, educators set the tone for a caring and welcoming classroom.

  • Check out the Welcoming Schools Lesson Plans on family diversity, gender and bullying that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.
  • Check out many simple steps that educators can take to develop a classroom and school that allows children to be who they are without the limitations of gender stereotyping.
  • Engage students in discussions on family diversity, gender and bullying with books specifically chosen for elementary school students from our many bibliographies.
  • Consider the questions raised in Developing a Welcoming Classroom.
  • Encourage your administration to offer Professional Development for all staff in your school on interrupting hurtful teasing and creating a school where students and staff stand up for each other. Check out the Professional Development ideas from Welcoming Schools.

Need some help getting started: contact a Welcoming Schools regional consultant.

For a set of key materials from Welcoming Schools to help you get started, download the Welcoming Schools Starter Kit.