Tools for Educators

In elementary school, educators set the tone for a caring and welcoming classroom.

Developing a Welcoming Classroom.

Simple ways to respond when you hear, “That’s So Gay!” or a young student asks, “What does gay mean?”

Practice how you might answer students’ questions like, “He just called me gay. What does that mean?” “How can she have two dads?” or “Why doesn’t he dress like a boy?”

Take a look at Welcoming Schools Lesson Plans on family diversity, gender and bias-based bullying that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Check out steps educators can take to develop a classroom and school that allows children to be who they are without the limitations of gender boxes.

Books, books and more books!
Diverse books featuring all kinds of families, gender expansive and transgender children and more.

Contact Welcoming Schools about training for your school or district. Ensure that the educators and staff in your school or school district have the skills to interrupt hurtful behavior and to develop a welcoming school environment where students from all kinds of families can achieve.


For a set of key materials from Welcoming Schools to help you get started, download the Welcoming Schools Starter Kit.