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Start the school year welcoming all students in your classroom and school.

Explore Resources for Establishing a Positive Welcoming Climate—LGBTQ+ and Gender Inclusive

How can educators intervene to stop students from teasing boys who like pink? What is the best way to support LGBTQ+ families? Is it possible to create a classroom environment where all students and their families feel welcome?


Learn Ways to Develop a Gender and LGBTQ+ Inclusive School with Welcoming Schools Professional Development Training – Virtual or On-site!

New virtual trainings feature both synchronous interactive learning with experienced, expert trainers and asynchronous self-directed learning. Modules include embracing family diversity, supporting transgender and non-binary students, intersectionality, preventing bias-based bullying and creating LGBTQ+ and gender inclusive classrooms.

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Download Recommendations for Diverse Children’s Books to Support LGBTQ+ and Gender Inclusive Schools

Booklists include: LGBTQ+ Inclusive, Embracing Family Diversity, Preventing Bias-Based Bullying; and Understanding Gender and Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Students.

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Understanding Racism: Pre-K - 8 Books That Explore and Challenge Race

Includes books on anti-Black racism, Black history, skin color and racism experienced by Asian, Indigenous peoples and Latinx people.

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Be Prepared: Responding to Kids’ Questions on LGBTQ+ Topics

What can you say when a student asks you, “What does ‘gay’ mean?” or “Why does she look like a boy?” Find ways to interupt gender and LGBTQ put-downs.

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Discover Lesson Plans to Engage Students on Gender, LGBTQ+ Topics, Bias Based Bullying and Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Students

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Check Out Welcoming Schools Videos for LGBTQ+ and Gender Inclusive Schools

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