Great Diverse Books Featuring Two Moms & Two Dads

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Diverse Books about All Kinds of Families Inclusive of Two Mom and Two Dad Families

The Family Book. Todd Parr. (Toddler – K)  This book celebrates all kinds of families in a funny, silly and reassuring way. It includes adoptive families, stepfamilies, single-parent families, two-mom and two-dad families and families with a mom and a dad.

Families, Families, Families! Suzanne and Max Lang. (Pre-K – 1)  This book depicts silly animals in framed portraits, and offers a warm celebration of family love. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers – and even Great Aunt Sue – appear in dozens of combinations.

The Great Big Book of Families. Mary Hoffman. (Pre-K  – 3)  This book features all kinds of families with 2-page spreads showcasing aspects of home life –– from houses and holidays, to schools and pets to feelings and family trees. 

Over the River and Through the Woods. Linda Ashman. (Pre-K – 1)  The classic song gets a fresh new twist! The fun begins when Grandma and Grandpa send invitations to their far-flung, modern, and multiracial family.

We Belong Together: A Book About Adoption and Families. Todd Parr. (Toddler – 1) This book explores the ways that people can choose to come together as a family. It's about sharing your home and sharing your heart to make a family that belongs together.


Picture Books with Two Mom and Two Dad Families

The Adventures of Rumplepimple Book 1. Suzanne DeWitt Hall. (Pre-K – 1) Life isn't easy when your big sister is an annoying cat and your moms can't understand a word you say. But that doesn't stop a dog from saving the day in a most unusual way. Also, Rumplepimple Goes to Jail (Book 2) 

And Tango Makes Three. Justin Richardson & Peter Parnell. (Pre-K  – 2)  Male penguins Roy and Silo at New York’s Central Park Zoo keep putting a rock in their nest and try to hatch it. The zookeeper gives them a real egg that needs care. The penguins take turns sitting on it until it hatches, and Tango is born.

Antonio’s Card / La Tarjeta de Antonio. Rigoberto Gonzales. (K – 2) As Mother’s Day approaches, Antonio must choose whether—or how—to express his connection and love for his mother and her partner, Leslie. Bilingual

The Different Dragon. Jennifer Bryan. (Pre-K  – 1) In a bedtime story with one of his moms, Noah goes on a magical adventure to meet a dragon that is tired of being tough.

Donovan's Big Day. Lesléa Newman. (Pre-K – 2)  This story captures the excitement of a young boy as he and his extended family prepare for the boy’s two moms’ wedding. It is a picture book about love, family, and marriage. 

The Flower Girl Wore Celery. Meryl G. Gordon. (Pre-K – 1)  Emma can't wait to be the flower girl. She'll wear a celery dress and walk down the aisle with the ring bear and happy bride and groom. Or at least, that's what Emma assumes. But nothing turns out to be quite what she's expecting.

Harriet Gets Carried Away. Jessie Sima. (Toddler – K) Harriet, an African American girl, with two dads loves costumes. A fun story about remembering where you belong, no matter how far you roam, or what you’re wearing when you get there.

Heather Has Two Mommies. Lesléa Newman. (Pre-K – K). 25th Anniversary Edition. Heather’s favorite number is two. She has two arms, two legs, and two pets. And she also has two mommies. As school begins, Heather sees that, "the most important thing about a family is that all the people in it love one another."

Home at Last. Vera B. Williams and Chris Raschka. (1 – 3) After Lester is adopted by Daddy Albert and Daddy Rich, he develops a big problem—he can't fall asleep. It's the sweet dog, Wincka, who finally solves the problem and helps Lester feels home at last.

Keesha’s South African Adventure. Cheril N Clarke and Monica Bey-Clarke.  (Pre-K – 2) After learning about South Africa in school, the inquisitive and lighthearted Keesha dreams of going to see it for herself. She gets the surprise of a lifetime when her two moms decide to take her there.

Little Pig Saves the Ship. David Hyde Costello. (Pre-K – 1) Little Pig is too little to go to summer camp with his older brothers and sisters. He is left behind with Grandpa and Poppy.

Mommy, Mama, and Me. Lesléa Newman. (Toddler) Rhythmic text and illustrations show a toddler spending the day with theirmommies. From hide-and-seek to dress-up, then bath time and a kiss goodnight, there's no limit to what a loving family can do together. (Also see: Daddy, Papa, and Me.)

Prince & Knight. Daniel Haack (Pre-K - 1) A prince searches near and far for a bride. When his lands are threatened by a dragon, the prince races back to protect his kingdom and is met by a brave knight in a suit of brightly shining armor. Together they fight the dragon and discover that special something the prince was looking for all along.

Stella Brings the Family. Miriam B. Schiffer. (Pre-K – 1)  Stella's class is having a Mother's Day celebration, but what's a girl with two daddies to do? Fortunately, Stella finds a unique solution to her party problem in this sweet story about love, acceptance, and the true meaning of family.

A Tale of Two Daddies. Vanita Oelschlager. (Toddler – K)  A young girl answers a friend's questions about what it is like to have two fathers. The boy asks straightforward questions ending with simply, “Who is your dad when you're sad and need some love?” Both, of course.  (Also see: A Tale of Two Mommies.)
Uncle Bobby’s Wedding. Sarah S. Brannen. (Pre-K – 1) Everyone is happy but the young girl who fears losing her favorite uncle when he gets married –– until she sees she is really gaining a new uncle.


Middle Grade Books with Two Mom and Two Dad Families

The Best Man.
Richard Peck. (3 – 5)  With humor and insight, Newbery Medalist, Richard Peck, follows a boy from elementary school to middle school navigating school and family dynamics. Starts with a wedding disaster and ends with a great one.
Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot.
Dan Pilkey. (2 – 4)  When George and Harold try to avert disaster, they travel into the future and seek the help of their adult selves. Harold is pictured with his husband and their kids.
Luv Ya Bunches. Lauren Myracle. (4 – 6)  This book offers a funny, honest depiction of the shifting alliances and rivalries between girls that shape school days. Four diverse 5th grade girls come together in friendship. One of the girls has two moms. First in a series of Flower Power books.
The Magic Misfits.
Neil Patrick Harris. (3 – 6) After young street magician Carter runs away, he meets Dante Vernon, an illusionist, who runs a magic shop with his husband and their daughter. Carter finds friends and magic saving the town of Mineral Wells from B.B. Bosso's villainous clutches. Sequels: The Magic Misfits: The Second Story and The Magic Misfits: The Minor Third.

The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher. Dana Alison Levy. (3 – 5)  From camping trips to scary tales told in the dark; from new schools to old friends; from imaginary cheetahs to very real skunks –– the Fletchers’ school year is anything but boring. Meet the Fletchers: four boys, two dads, and one new neighbor who just might ruin everything. Continues with The Family Fletcher Takes Rock Island.

The Phantom Unicorn (City Kids #4)
. Zetta Elliott. (3 – 6)  Q, a mixed race boy, Asian and black, has just moved to New York City with his two moms and baby sister. When a medieval tapestry comes to life in a nearby museum, Q must face his fears and battle a villain who has waited five hundred years to destroy the world.
The Popularity Papers: Research for the Social Improvement and General Betterment of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang. Amy Ignatow. (4 – 6)  Two fifth-grade best friends, Lydia and Julie, are determined to uncover the secrets of popularity by observing, recording, discussing, and replicating the behaviors of the “cool” girls. Julie has two dads. There are seven books in the series, and the second looks at bullying.
The Stars Beneath Our Feet. David Barclay Moore. (5 – 9) Lolly, an African American boy, tries to steer a safe path through the projects in Harlem in the wake of his brother’s death. Then his mother’s girlfriend brings him a gift that will change everything: two enormous bags filled with Legos.
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