VIDEO: What Do You Know? Kids Talk About LGBTQ Topics

An award winning short film produced by HRC Welcoming Schools for elementary school educators and parents/caregivers.

The film features students from Alabama and Massachusetts discussing what they know about LGBTQ people, what they hear at school and how teachers can help. 

The students in the film were not coached on what to say, but instead speak from their own experiences. The students are a diverse group:

  • Six come from families where there has been a divorce
  • Three have LGBTQ parents
  • Three are being raised by single moms
  • Two are adopted
  • Six have parents who were born outside of the U.S., and
  • At least five have parents from two different religions, races or countries.

Ways to Use What Do You Know?

This film can help all audiences understand that students want educators to stop LGBTQ and gender putdowns at school to welcome all students and their families.  The film also reveals that children are already having conversations regarding LGBTQ topics and students want educators to help guide those conversations. HRC Welcoming Schools believes that everyone will benefit from watching this telling film.

  • Elementary school educators, counselors and administrators can use the film as a starting point for professional development to find ways to stop anti-LGBTQ behavior and practice answering questions on LGBTQ topics.
  • Families and caregivers can watch the film at a family engagement event to discuss how educators and families can work together to stop harassment, bullying and LGBTQ putdowns.
  • College and university instructors can use the film to help students to become more confident in talking about LGBTQ topics in elementary schools, especially in elementary education, school counseling, school psychology and social work courses.

Download Ways to Use What Do You Know? in Your School & Community  

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