Lesson Plans to Create LGBTQ+ Inclusive Classrooms and Schools

Produced by the HRC Foundation

Welcoming Schools teacher-friendly lesson plans are designed to help educators create classrooms and schools that are affirming of all students and their families. A key focus of Welcoming Schools is to provide comprehensive resources for educators to teach about LGBTQ+ people and topics to foster equity and belonging in schools.

Love Makes a Family

Create a Love Makes A Family classroom or schoolwide display with unique family drawings from each student. This activity helps students see that the common bond that holds all kinds of families and caring communities together is love. [K – 5]

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Be Who You Are with the book by Todd Parr

Be Who You Are by Todd Parr reminds kids that their unique traits are what make them so special. After reading, students will create a detailed drawing of themselves. This book and activity can provide an opportunity to discuss unique identities and gender expression with students. [K - 2]

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Making Decisions: Ally or Bystander

Help your students think through what they can do if they see bullying and how they can respond to LGBTQ+, racial or religious slurs. This lesson is featured in the Welcoming Schools video, What Can We Do? Bias, Bullying, & Bystanders. [4 – 8]

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Red: A Crayon's Story –There's More To Me Than You Can See

Red: A Crayon's Story provides a wonderful opportunity to discuss stereotypes based on appearance (gender, race, ability). Each student will create a self crayon that explores their inner identities. [K - 2]

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Words That Hurt And Words That Heal

Using the book, One, talk with students about bullying and standing up for each other. (Other books can be used with this lesson as well.) This lesson is featured in the Welcoming Schools video, What Can We Do? Bias, Bullying, & Bystanders. [K – 4]

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A Look at LGBTQ History and Prominent LGBTQ+ People

A flexible lesson plan to help students learn about LGBTQ+ history and to see a diverse range of LGBTQ+ people. [3 - 6]

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I Am Jazz: Understanding Transgender Children

The picture book, I Am Jazz, based on the life of Jazz Jennings, can help start a conversation with students on what it means to be transgender. Discussion ideas for a range of grade levels. Listen to Jazz Jennings read I Am Jazz. [K – 5]

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Simple Ways to Incorporate LGBTQ+ and Gender Inclusive Material Across the Curriculum

Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag with Symbols of Us: Identity Capes and Flags

The book, PRIDE: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag by Rob Sanders looks at the hopes that Milk had for LGBTQ+ people and the Pride flag. Afterwards, students will create an original flag or cape design representing their own identities. [3 - 5]

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A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo: For Every Bunny Who Ever Felt Different

Meet Marlon Bundo, a lonely bunny who lived with his Grampa, Mike Pence—the former Vice President of the United States. Marlon's life was about to change forever when this very special boy bunny fell in love with another boy bunny. With its message of acceptance, this book explores topics of love is love, same gender marriage and democracy. [K – 5]

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Creating Community in Your Classroom: I Am Me Poems

After reading Looking Like Me by Walter Dean Myers, students write short poems, modeled after the ideas in the book. This is a great activity to help educators and students to get to know each other better. [3 - 5]

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