Why Welcoming Schools Professional Development

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HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools is the most comprehensive, bias-based bullying prevention program in the nation to provide LGBTQ and gender inclusive professional development training, lesson plans, booklists and resources specifically designed for Pre K - 12 educators and youth-serving professionals.

Our program uses an intersectional, anti-racist lens dedicated to actionable policies and practices. We uplift school communities with critical tools to embrace family diversity, create LGBTQ+ and gender inclusive schools, prevent bias-based bullying, and support transgender and non-binary students.

“In the schools where we have provided Welcoming Schools training and resources, the training has been consistently rated by staff as one of the best and most effective professional development sessions.”

Steven Chen, Senior Equity Manager, Boston Public Schools

125,000 educators in 43 States and Canada have participated in the Welcoming Schools Professional Development Program to gain critical skills for creating LGBTQ+ and gender inclusive schools where all families and students are welcomed and can thrive. Over the past 4 years, these educators have impacted over 10.5 million students.

School communities using the Welcoming Schools approach for 3 years have reported a 50% reduction in behavioral referrals, an increase in literacy and math skills and improved attendance. Families and students report an increased sense of belonging and feeling valued in their schools.

After a Welcoming Schools training, 90% of educators know how to actively support and affirm transgender and non-binary students. Prior to the training, only 42% of educators felt they could adequately support students around gender identity.

Knowing that the teachers and staff at my child’s school are Welcoming Schools trained gives me the confidence that he will be supported emotionally, socially, and academically. My gender non-conforming son can wear a dress proudly and express his authentic self while I can rest assured that he will be safe to learn and thrive in school. That peace of mind is priceless!

Jennifer, Parent


Why Welcoming Schools Professional Development

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