Resources from Welcoming Schools

Books to Engage Students – Bibliographies

Lesson Plans for Elementary School

  • Lessons on embracing family diversity, developing gender inclusive classrooms and ending bullying and name-calling. Aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Download the Welcoming Schools Starter Kit

  • A set of key materials for educators, administrators and parents/guardians.

Responding to Teachable Moments

Standards, Laws and Policies

  • See how Welcoming Schools links to academic standards. Look into federal and state laws and resolutions from national educational and health organizations that support safe schools work.


  • Looking for some facts to back you up on the need or importance of inclusive schools.

What Do You Know? Six to twelve year-olds talk about gays and lesbians

  • An award-winning short professional development film for educators and parents.
  • Use this film to get the conversation started in your school. Hear directly from children

Conveying the Need for a Welcoming School

  • Need some help explaining the importance of safe schools for students, why schools should specifically address bias-based bullying including LGBT put downs, or why talking about diverse families is important to children.

Prominent LGBT People – Have some fun!

Welcoming Schools Evaluation Toolbox

  • “Is this an initiative that will make a positive difference in our school or district?” Take a look at a video which explains strategies that you can use to evaluate the use of Welcoming Schools.