Families are important to students of all ages. Welcoming Schools offers teacher-friendly resources designed to help educators create a sense of belonging for the families and caregivers of all students in their classrooms and schools.

Through lesson plans, books, professional development training and more, find resources to make your school welcoming to all students and their families.

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Celebrating Inclusive Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

As we celebrate and honor caregivers in schools, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be opportunities to recognize the diversity of family structures.

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A Checklist for Embracing All Families

Ensure all of your students and their families and caregivers feel welcome with this simple checklist. Take time to review your school’s policies and practices. Are you developing a school…

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Training Modules Available for Professional Development

HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools Certified Facilitators are located across the country. They offer practical and interactive professional development to create gender and LGBTQ inclusive schools using the following Welcoming Schools…

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Family Vocabulary

Connect with families and caregivers in your classroom community to find out the language they use to refer to their families to help respectfully answer questions that may arise. We…