Schools that actively work to welcome and affirm LGBTQ+ students, families and staff improve the school climate for the whole school community. When students feel safe and affirmed, they can thrive both academically and socially.

LGBTQ+ inclusive schools:

  • Welcome all children, families and staff
  • Promote gender equity and support transgender, non-binary and gender expansive students
  • Proactively work to prevent and address bias-based bullying with an intersectional, anti-racist lens
  • Foster understanding and respect for all people

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Great LGBTQ Inclusive Picture & Middle Grade Books

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Children's Books About LGBTQ History

Welcoming Schools has curated a comprehensive booklist with accurate and informative texts about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer History. Many states have begun to mandate that LGBTQ history be…

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A Checklist for Embracing All Families

Ensure all of your students and their families and caregivers feel welcome with this simple checklist. Take time to review your school’s policies and practices. Are you developing a school…

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Seal of Excellence for a Welcoming School

Welcoming Schools permits us to envision our students as their best selves now and also who they will be 15 years from now, as they are leaders in academics but…

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Why Welcoming Schools Professional Development

HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools is the most comprehensive, bias-based bullying prevention program in the nation to provide LGBTQ and gender inclusive professional development training, lesson plans, booklists and resources specifically…

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Training Modules Available for Professional Development

HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools Certified Facilitators are located across the country. They offer practical and interactive professional development to create gender and LGBTQ inclusive schools using the following Welcoming Schools…