it is the job of educators to establish LGBTQ and gender inclusive environments where all students are safe, affirmed and can thrive - socially, emotionally, and academically.

Is your school LGBTQ and gender inclusive? Here are just a few questions to think about.

  • Are educators and staff building LGBTQ allyship amongst all students through intentional activities, modeling and using teachable moments?
  • Do educators and staff use inclusive, non-gendered language such as “students” or “folks” to address all members of the school community?
  • Does your school have a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)?
  • Have educators and staff members established processes to ensure that every LGBTQ student has a caring adult in the building who connects with them?
  • Are educators and staff members specifically trained to prevent and respond to bullying incidents involving gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation?


Secondary Instructional Resource Guides

The Welcoming Schools Instructional Resource Guides are designed to provide secondary educators with extended learning opportunities for students to explore LGBTQ+ and gender topics through literature.

Secondary, Books

Secondary Booklists

Welcoming Schools secondary book lists are designed to help educators create classrooms, libraries and schools that are affirming of LGBTQ+ students, families and staff with high quality literature. A key…

Parents/Caregivers, Gender, Secondary, Laws and Policies

A Parent’s Quick Guide for In-School Transitions

Parents and caregivers may find themselves, depending on circumstances, having to play a more active role in “educating the educators” as to what the school needs to do to support…