Students must feel safe to learn. It takes a commitment from all school community members –– from administrators to teachers to cafeteria workers to families –– to create welcoming and safe schools for all children. Welcoming Schools resources proactively address the biased behavior that can lead to bullying.

Welcoming Schools offers recommended booklists, lesson plans and additional resources to proactively address bullying behavior and foster allyship. With Welcoming Schools professional development, educators can gain the knowledge and skills to intervene in and to prevent bullying behavior.

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Lesson Plans to Prevent Bias-Based Bullying

Welcoming Schools teacher-friendly lesson plans are designed to help educators create inclusive classrooms and schools using an anti-racist, intersectional lens. Most bullying is based on biases, stereotypes and prejudice. These…

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Seal of Excellence for a Welcoming School

Welcoming Schools permits us to envision our students as their best selves now and also who they will be 15 years from now, as they are leaders in academics but…

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Why Welcoming Schools Professional Development

HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools is the most comprehensive, bias-based bullying prevention program in the nation to provide LGBTQ and gender inclusive professional development training, lesson plans, booklists and resources specifically…

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Training Modules Available for Professional Development

HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools Certified Facilitators are located across the country. They offer practical and interactive professional development to create gender and LGBTQ inclusive schools using the following Welcoming Schools…

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Qué Responder al Comentario: “Es Tan Gay”

No importa si es un estudiante de primer grado que no sabe lo que significa la palabra “gay,” un estudiante de sexto grado que intenta lucir genial o un estudiante…

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Gender and Children: A Place to Begin

Creating schools that nurture academic achievement, provide physical and emotional safety and welcome all students are common goals for all educators. In order for students to feel supported and empowered…